ABAP: Program that speaks many language

Recently I had the opportunity to learn the ABAP programming language. ABAP is the "interpreted" language use to create the core modules in SAP R/3. Well actually they called it "Advanced Business Application Programming". Anyway, what I'm saying is that you can use the 'Repository Information System' to browse for any application component and lookup the exact source code for each T-code say FB50 - GL Posting.So, in a way, yes, SAP R/3 is open source.

Well back to our discussion on ABAP, it is an easy language compared to Java, C++ etc. But, to achieve an objective, say you want to get some records and display, there's like 10 or more ways to do it!

You can create a working area, populate it line by line from transparent table, or you can create an internal table to achieve the same way. Well in fact, in creating the working area you can a) create your own structure type or b) use an existing structure in the ABAP dictionary.

In other words there's no right or wrong way. Therefore it's pertinent to a Team Leader to dictate what kind of standards you should use. The reason being is that ABAP is backward compatible. Since the 70's the've been using ABAP, so the coding during that mainframe (R/2) time can still be used in an R/3 environment.

So yes, it's a program that speaks many languages. Which language, is up to you.

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated by SAP!

One thing about SAP that distinguish it from other applications is the way it position itself. Call it the German stubborness or arrogance. But one thing is for sure. SAP changes you. Not the other way round.

SAP consultants will repeatedly through the use of the word "Best Practices" try to convince you to change and follow the SAP processes. So, if you're use to be doing something i say 3 steps. Implementing SAP, might mean that you might have to do it in maybe 1 step, or perhaps in 5 steps. You see, there's no way in hell the consultant would want to write an ABAP program just so that they can customize SAP to be exactly like the way you run things.

Using SAP means that "YOU" have to change! Yes. Resistance is Futile. Prepare to be assimilated by the Germans! :)