Creating Infoobject

In the course of configuring your SAP BW, you might come across a situation where you'll have to create your own infoobject instead of using the standard business content. So, how do you that? First, as usual go to RSA1. Then choose infoobject, and expand to the relevant infoarea.
If you want to create a characteristic, go to the Characteristic Catalog and right-click:

Same goes to key figure, go to the Key Figure Catalog and right click on it and create InfoObjects. You'll get to the next screen:
If you want to create the infoobject based on template, fill the template field, otherwise leave it empty. If you fill the reference field, the infoobject you create will be sort of like a "C pointer", or reference to the existing Infoobject. The difference is just the name.

In the next screen, you'll be able to configure the InfoObjects. You can create master data, text, hierarchy, attributes, unit, time dependent etc etc, to suit your needs. And that's all folks.