SAP User Expectation and Technical Limitation

When the SAP marketing guy promises this and that, be forewarned that what is promised might not be what you're gonna get after implementation.

This is the main culprit for every implementation headache. The marketing guy will say this and that, but in actuality it's different in SAP.

For example, they will say BW can produce report with a "single-click of a button and it's very flexible". But when comes to implementation, we know better that it's not the way things work.

Why? Well to produce a report there's a whole chain of process that needs to be done in BW to support that reporting. To add even one field for reporting, will require changing various steps, from transfer structure, to communication structure, to even the data target level (infocubes and such).

See. Not that flexible eh? Well to all the marketing guy, next time, please do not promise something that you know the technical team cannot deliver. Set the user expectation right from the start. Saves a lot of headache and "RESCOPING" later.


Tue Nov 08, 07:55:00 PM 2005 Anonymous said...

Yo dude,

Macam kenal je. Hehe :)


Tue Nov 08, 08:25:00 PM 2005 Anonymous said...

Marketing mmg camtu. Kalau cakap takleh buat, tak dapat la new project. Kalau takde new project boss sure tak happy. Lepas tu performance review mesti dapat teruk punya. It's a whole chain of processes also :)

Anyway, the Project Scope should be defined and agreed upon very much earlier by both users and consultants through the Project Charter. Otherwise, the users will suffer as consultants could claim that there is no single business document to refer to in case later they realize that they could not deliver within the timeframe. We can argue that the RFP *is* the ultimate business document reference but somehow the consultants in my project are really good to undermine this fact! Even the CIO believes in what they have to say:)

Lesson learnt.
1. For users.
Establish the Statement of Scope in Project Charter with consultants in addition to RFP.
It may consist of:
a) Organizational Scope
b) Business Process Scope
c) SAP Functional Scope
d) Enhancement Scope
e) Interface Scope
f) Data Conversion Scope
g) Reports and Forms Scope
h) IT Infrastructure Scope
i) Training Scope
j) Documentation Scope
k) Testing Scope
l) Authorization Scope
m) Change Management Scope

It's gonna save you from having a lot of troubles later on. Trust me. Been there. Done that. And got the T-shirt.:)

2. For consultants.
Save your reputation. Do the same before you realize that you cannot deliver.


Tue Nov 22, 04:30:00 PM 2005 ngising said...

heheh. Right on MSW. Hush hush eh? ;)