SAP-BW Update Rules not working as expected

I'm stuck. I have this customized Key Figure i've created based on an existing InfoObject. When I tried creating update rules for this key figure, it does not propose update rules for this customized key figure. My question is, how do I add the customized key figure into the update rules? Any SAP-BW Guru out there willing to help? TQ.

On another note, I think i've ran out things to say about SAP in general. Why? Well I guess the bulk of the itty gritty stuff is coming to an end. See, the most headache part of any implementation is during user requirements gathering. Or in SAP terms, the "Blueprint Phase". Now it's nearly coming to an end, I've no juicy stories to tell :)

But I guess my post after this would be more technical in nature as I want to document stuff that I've discover during "Realization Stage".

Updated (22/11/2005): Actually I did a mistake. When creating the "Key Figure" instead of entering the existing InfoObject into "template", I accidentally put it in the "reference" box. That's why it's not appearing in the proposed template.


Mon Nov 21, 11:32:00 PM 2005 jeefat said...

Hey dude.. keep up with the SAP blogs... I've been following it... quite informational... Im a SAP newbie too.. ;)

Tue Nov 22, 04:33:00 PM 2005 ngising said...

glad you like it.

Like you, I'm still learning, and here's one way how I document stuff about SAP.

Perhaps after many years to come, I would look back at this blog to remind me how it all started :)

Sat Nov 26, 03:31:00 AM 2005 Anonymous said...

HI, where can I learn SAP? which institute?

Sat Nov 26, 09:37:00 PM 2005 ngising said...

I think some of the colleges in msia, like MMU, do offer ABAP courses.

Or if you have deep pockets, you can try SAP Academy. Need like min RM20K for a 3month part time courses+certification.

But, learning without practice won't get you anywhere.
The best is to join a consulting company, where you'll get some SAP exposure.