SAP BW 360 - Day 2

In day 2, we learn about connection source system to SAP BW. In short, if possible, use DB Connect. When connecting to some 'arcane' source system, use UD Connect.

But, the most important of all, is that we learn that to design a good Infocube , you must design it to become a "balanced" star schema cube. What that means is that the cube must have the following traits:
  • Small dimensions
  • Few dimensions
  • Only as many details as necessary
  • Hierarchies only if necessary
  • Time-dependent structures only if necessary
  • Avoid MIN,MAX aggregation for key figures in huge Infocubes
  • Balance the permutation, or 'cardinality' of each dimension. Each dimension must be 'balanced'.

There. Bottomline is, designing infocube is an 'art'. Not exactly an exact science.

We also learn about transporting in SAP BW. You click 'here', click 'this', package blah blah blah, anyway, again, the bottomline is, becareful about transporting, because there's a 'feature' call BEx transport that has the habit of automatically transporting objects that has been flagged 'transportable'. What it means that, it is possible that any changes you did to a query object that has already been made transportable(especially global objects) in the development server, there's a highly probability that the changes will propagate to the QA server or even the PROD server. Which means 'hell' is coming through!

So that's it folks. I'll continue with Day 3 update.