SAP BW360 - Day 1

Sorry for this late entry. Yeah2, I know I'm suppose to post a daily update of the training, but it seems that the instructor has the habit of not allowing us to surf while 'listening' to his/her teachings.

Anyway, in Day 1, we learn overview of performance, some 'boring' SAP BASIS stuff (I nearly fall asleep during this time) and some more stuff. In general, what we learn is that, to be a good BW consultant, you must have a little bit of functional, application, technical, and a little bit of ABAP. He also reminds us that there's no such thing as an all-knowing 'superman' SAP BW consultant. To be that, you have to ammassed an awful lot of knowledge which is simply not possible for mere mortals.

So, a good SAP BW implementation, must consist of many people with different skill set as mentioned above.

Also, in Day 1, we learn about the evolution of BW underlying architecture. It seems that SAP BW has evolved a lot. From having a Basis 4.6C to Web AS 6.40. From ITS to IGS.
Basically, to make it short. With that kind of evolution, SAP BW is most probably a 'mutant'.

K. I guess that's about it. I'll post later, since our last day training is about to start.


Sat Feb 18, 03:43:00 PM 2006 knizam94 said...

good stuff of bw related article.

budak koleq ker ni heh?

Sat Feb 18, 03:44:00 PM 2006 knizam94 said...

lupa plak nak tanya, training kat mui plaza or kompleks antarabangsa heh?

Thu Mar 02, 05:46:00 PM 2006 ngising said...

hahaha kno, training kat kompleks antarabangsa. Ha'ah, budak koleq heheh :) Ko pun buat BW ke? apa kata kita bukak company freelancing BW amacam? :D