SAP BW Authorization

SAP BW Authorization is definitely different from R/3 authorization. Why? Well, first, R/3 authorization usually involves up to the transaction code level. But for SAP BW, the mostly used transaction is "RSA1" and "RRMX". Therefore, authorization based on transaction code alone, is definitely not sufficient.

So how do we design authorization in SAP BW? There's a few authorization objects that relates to SAP BW.

For reporting, you will most probably use the following SAP BW authorization object:

  1. S_RS_COMP - Reporting Component, here is where you control the query authorization blah blah.
  2. S_RS_COMP1 - Reporting Component Owner, you can control users to only be able to access report created by Power Users, here.
  3. S_RS_FOLD - Disable/Enable the 'InfoAreas' button.
Besides that, you will also need to configure the following authorizations:

  1. S_RS_ICUBE - Infocube authorization
  2. S_RS_ODSO - ODS Objects
  3. S_RS_HIER - Hierarchy Authorization
For SAP BW administration purposes, aside from the above, you also need to configure the following authorization objects:
  1. S_RS_ADMWB - Administrator Workbench
  2. S_RS_IOBJ - Info Objects authorization
  3. S_RS_ISOURCE - Transaction Infosource
  4. S_RS_ISRCM - Master Data Infosource

There that's what you need for authorization. Anyway, to achieve "field level" authorization like those in R/3, you can create a customize object, select the infoobject that has been set "authorization relevant", and add it in the authorization matrix, and walla, you got "field level" authorization.


Fri Mar 31, 09:10:00 PM 2006 KNizam said...

hehehe aku tak amik bw la. aku join fi/ar/sd team la....boring gak sehhhh sap nih. though banyak potentials

Sat Apr 01, 07:27:00 PM 2006 ngising said...

ok ah tu. AR ngan SD banyak potential tu.

Aku buat BW ngan BCS. So far so good. Pening kepala gak pasal rasa cam accountant le pulak :)

Thu Jun 01, 08:19:00 PM 2006 omar said...

wah .. camne aku tersesat sini kat blog melayu nih! aku tgh cari BW auth reference tetiba ternampak blog ni..
coolness! kau kerja mana?

Thu May 10, 03:57:00 PM 2007 Anonymous said...

Hadi ben de yazayim da akli boncuk olsun beyabinin