SAP BW360 - Day 5

On the last day of our SAP BW 360 Training, we learned about attribute change run and process chain.

Remember the stuff about dropping index before loading, create index after, load master data first before transaction blah blah? Well, there's an easy way to automated all this. Yep, using 'Process Chains'. This process chains can connect all the different things required to do for the whole extraction/loading/transformation 'shebang'!

You can group different process chains, mix and match here and there, and automated much of the itty gritty administrative stuffs.

What about 'attribute change run'? Well, we use this attribute change run, to propagate changes in the master data attribute to all the relevant objects that uses this master data. For example, aggregrates etc etc.

So that's what we learn in day 5. All in all, I think the SAP BW360 is a good course to teach you about different ways to improve performance of SAP BW. It's a bit of BASIS, ABAP, Functional and Application lump into one.


Wed Mar 01, 05:04:00 PM 2006 Anonymous said...

Good blog.
Many thanks.
Do you know where the course material can be found?


Thu Mar 02, 05:50:00 PM 2006 ngising said...


I think you can get the course material from SAP training center.

I only have a hardcopy of the course material btw.