SAP Bag of Tricks

Have you ever wondered, how some company managed to implement SAP ERP in less than say 3 months? Sounds like a load of crap right? Actually it's possible pending the following conditions:
  • No customization. All ERP processes follows the SAP processes.
  • Business content are used

You see, SAP consultants have one trick out of their sleeves. That is using pre-delivered SAP Business Content. What the hell is this "Business Content" thingy? The short answer is, after extensive research done by SAP AG, the've created a sort of "template" as a basis for consultants to use in implementing SAP. This so-called template can have further categorization according to industry, such as "Retail","Oil & Gas" etc etc.

Using this "business content", consultants can shorten the implementation of SAP. Instead of having to create everything from scratch, they just need to configure a few stuff, and walla, we have an "SAP out of the Box"!!

But again, depends on customer, sometimes on top of the "business content", they still want to customized something to suit their existing business processes.

Lucky are the consultants who could find such miracle-customers who want to follow the SAP business process 100%, and are willing to use the pre-defined Business Content delivered by SAP! Amen.