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While surfing the web to find SAP resources, I've encountered this interesting site:SAP Blog.

If my site describes how an SAP Newbie view the SAP world, his site gives a SAP Pro view, ones who've been in the industry for quite sometime.
Quite an interesting resources. He describes his experience of becoming an SAP consultant, how he joined the SAP world, the hardship, the rewards etc.

I hope, with more SAPians joining the blog community, the mystery and misinformation that's been surrounding SAP will be finally dispelled. Yes, yes, I know you guys are busy, being a consultant and all, but it's good to share with the world what SAP is.


Tue Nov 29, 03:50:00 PM 2005 dennyx said...

Hi ngising!
I'm Daniel, the guy writing the SAP Blog. You are so king condidering me a SAP Pro, but it's not that way. I'm a newbie too, although I have 2 years of SAP experince and a certification in MM. There a lot's to learn every day in SAP and also from each business, because first of all it's important to understand and have experience of the business processes and the SAP. I love consulting because is a mixture of things I like: tehnical and business knowleadge, meeting people and exchange ideeas, travel, dress well, read a lot and ofcourse the last but not the least, good money.

Tue Nov 29, 04:43:00 PM 2005 ngising said...

hi dennyx!

I feel honoured that you graced my blog with your presence :)

Yep, I agree with you that there's soo much to learn in SAP that sometimes I do feel a little overwhelmed.