Datamart in SAP BW

To all dear readers, sorry for this late post. I was away for the Christmas Holiday. Oh, btw, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.

Anyway, back to our usual SAP topic of discussion. While we're trying to create a datamart in SAP BW by linking an Infocube to another infocube, we stumble into this problem: How to create the datamart infosource infopackage.

You see, we're able to generate the datasource from the cube and all, but the problem is, infosource for the datasource didn't show up in the "Infosource directory". So, we're not able to generate the infopackage. We did a hack by creating a customized "infosource" and linking it with the generated-datasource. But this solution is just that, a hack.

So, I meditate on this problem and the "divine" inspiration told me to right click on the Infosource directory. And what do you know, there's the option for "Insert Lost Nodes". I did just that, and walla, the generated-infosource is displayed in the "Infosource Directory".

I guess, since we did not install the business content for the "infosource directory structure", the generated datamart infosource cannot tag itself to an infosource area, thus becoming the "lost nodes". So, that's how we solve our problem. Like Occam's Razor (spelling?), the simplest explanation is always the right one.