The power of SDN

Recently, I needed to extract some data from R/3 HR to do some reporting. Using "SAP Bag of Tricks" I activated the BW-OM business content, configure the relevant datasource in R/3, create infopackage yada-yada, you know, the boring stuff.

Anyway, the point is, after doing all that, my infocube still did not load all the necessary master-data information into itself. I change the update rules, reload again. Still, no changes. This stubborn infocube, just simply refuse to recognize the master data, even though the information is in the infocube to extract the necesary information. You see, in the update rules, most of the characteristic in the business content cube 0PAOS_C01 is derived from the master data 0EMPLOYEE. But somehow, when loading data into the cube, the characteristics is just not loaded.

Annoyed and highly agitated, I finally post a question in SAP Developer Network regarding my dilemma. In just a few minutes, some helpful soul out there answered my questions and bingo! It solved my problem. You see, the problem is, I didn't realize that some of the master data is not activated. I did activated it before, but someone did something, and caused all these activated and loaded master data to become deactivated.

So, I re-activated the master data, and reload the infocube from PSA, and presto, the data is loaded! The moral of the story people, is that when in doubt, seek the wise SDN forum. Some "enlightened" soul will fulfil your quest for knowledge!

Thank you, whoever you are.