SAP Project Implementation Timeline

In the world of IT, one cannot separate themselves to the "awesome power" of Project Timeline. Gone are the days where a project implementation consist of having an "idea", and implementing it overnight based on an adhoc discussion between geeks. Now, with the technology of Microsoft Project, all IT based project must be properly planned; time and resources tabled out using a gantt chart and such. And thus was born the role of "Project Management" in any IT project implementation.

Well, SAP, being a humongous beast, cannot escape this necessary "evil". As always with SAP, they have their own term to describe the overall "project implementation lifecycle". Instead of the usual waterfall "Spec Analysis Design Implementation Testing Evaluation Maintenance" cycle, they use a more catchy terms. So here, ladies and gentleman we have SAP project implementation lifecycle:

  • Project Preparation
    This is the phase where all the mumbo jumbo such as "Defining Critical Success Factor", "Business content GAP Analysis", "Define System Landscape", "Capacity Planning" etc takes place.
  • Business Blueprint
    This is where a "blueprint" or the document which contains the "design" on how the SAP system is going to be configured will be documented in detail. Customer must agree to this before the actual configuration/customization takes place. I would like to call this phase, the "Hell and Fire Fighting Phase".
  • Project Realization
    This is where the "dirty work" take place. Configuration, customization, interfacing blah blah blah you name it, is here. Heck, even Quality Assurance (if you defined a Q-system landscape) is here.
  • Final Preparation
    This is nearing the end of implementation. Here is where all the last minute stuff like Setting up Production environment, conduct system test, end user training etc is conducted.
  • Go Live and Support
    System is "Live" here. Any quirks will be observed here. Also, any validation of Live Business Process is done here. Last but not least, support for the live system is done here too.

So, that's all folks. SAP Project Implementation Lifecycle.